Canker sores are quite common and a person should at least be aware of the homemade remedies that they can employ on the same. These sores have no known cause but there are several conditions that are well known to trigger the same or even propagate the same to a higher level. There are basically two types of canker sore on tongue which can be classified as simple and complex. For the simple canker sores, one in every 5 people is more likely to have it once a year. The people who tend to affected most by these sores are those between the ages of 10 and 20. As for the complex sores, a person may experience more severe symptoms including pain and it is of utmost importance that such a person visits a hospital.

Treating a canker sore on tongue is quite easy given that the cause of the same is not really serious at times. One of the best approaches when one notices that they have the canker sores is to visit a hospital where they can be diagnosed with the exact cause of the sores. Sometimes it could a bigger problem than just the sores.

Some of the ways to which a person can employ to treat the canker sore on tongue is by using hydrogen peroxide. This solution is an antiseptic and has been in use for many years for various conditions. After putting equal measure of water and hydrogen peroxide which is 3% in concentration, a person should shish it in their mouth around three times a day. The other methods that a person can use include benzocaine which is used to treat aching teeth.

Applying this gel on the sore every so few hours will help numb the pain to a great extent. The other methods to treat the sores include eating papaya fruit, taking papaya tablets, using salt water, baking soda, giving the sores time to heal and taking prescriptions from a doctor.

Like any other condition that happens to affect a person, canker sore on tongue can be prevented. One of the best ways to preventing these sores is by taking multivitamins which have been prescribed by a doctor. Still by just eating foods rich in vitamin B-12, iron, zinc and folic acid will serve to prevent them. Increasing lysine levels in the diet is another sure way of dealing with canker sores. Such foods which have lysine include fish, chicken and eggs. Taking a lot of yoghurt or any other food and drink that has live active culture is another way to prevent an attack from these sores.