Many are the times that people will find themselves suffering from sores around their mouths. Some of the most common sores happen to be the canker sores and the cold sores. However, there is a very distinctive difference between the two types of sores one being that the cold sores only appear on the outside of the mouth while the canker sores appear on the inside of the mouth. This very basic difference makes the canker sore home remedy very easy to find and employ on these sores which happen to cause a lot of distress in many people’s lives. There are popular home remedies for canker sores and which include the following;

Salt water

This is one of the most popular ways to dealing with any problem that comes to the mouth. Just like in many other ailments that might affect the mouth, the canker sore home remedy is salt water. The salt acts as an antiseptic and helps kill all the bacteria present in the mouth especially around the sore. Mixing warm water with salt is all a person is required to do and then swishing the solution in their mouth for several times every day.


This is a product that has been in use in different parts of the globe for centuries. Dabbing the mouth with aloe several times a day will help in killing the bacteria and at the same time soothing the pain that these sores cause.

Alum as Canker Sore Home Remedy

This is another way which everybody should consider using because of its effectiveness. By applying alum in the mouth and particularly to the exact spot where the canker sores are, a person will not only be killing the torturing bacteria but they will also be relieving off the pain and discomfort that the sores cause.

Hydrogen peroxide

This is another one of the popular canker sore home remedy and whose effectiveness is sure. The hydrogen peroxide used for this treatment should be in the concentration of 3%. A person will be required to mix equal measures of water and hydrogen peroxide. Swishing the solution several times a day will do the trick. There will be a little bit of burning as the solution kills the bacteria in the sores. It is important that a person doesn’t swallow the solution and also not to overuse the same.


By using an onion which is one of the oldest canker sore home remedy in the history of dealing with canker sores, a person will effectively treat them. Cutting the onion into slices and applying them on the sores will help treat them very fast.